By combining the knowledge and talents of two girlfriends, OWA was created - the firstbrand in Latvia that offers clothes with water based ink and graphic prints transferred to fabric using the sublimation printing technique. This technique ensures excellent color fastness and the possibility of tone transitions.

Our core values are beauty, quality and comfort.

Our printing technology requires thorough selection of fabrics. We emphasize quality and comfort, so we do not skimp on materials and find those that meet our requirements.

Laconic design clothing brand OWA is a balance of femininity and functionality. Bright water based ink markings made by artists Alisa Ādamsone and Vera Bondāre make our clothes unique and easily recognizable. We strive to create a combination of classics and extravagance, tenderness and comfort, practicality and reliability.

OWA is a social enterprise and our mission is to motivate struggling women to improve, educate and lead fulfilling lives.

Who knows what he wants - can do what he wants! | Rainis

Social entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurship is a type of business whose purpose is to solve one of the important problems in society, such as employment of the weakest social groups, environmental and climate change problems, or some other important task for the country. It is important to understand that a social business is a business, not charity or donation, and social businesses must offer services or goods on the market that people will buy not out of pity, but out of need or desire.

OWA is honored to be one of Latvia's social enterprises. Although from the outside we look like a classic business project, we really are not. Our goal is to change the prevailing stereotypes in society about the disabled and their working abilities, as well as to encourage people with disabilities to study, learn new and useful skills for the labor market, and get involved in the management of projects and companies.

The head of OWA regularly gives motivational speeches and tells her life story at various events, where she addresses young people, employers, as well as parents of children with disabilities, and motivates them to get involved in the labor market.

OWA is also a member of Latvian Social Entrepreneurship, as well as a graduate of the social entrepreneurship accelerator New Door. Latvian Social Entrepreneurship Association (LSUA) is a membership organization with the aim of promoting the development of social entrepreneurship in Latvia. It unites like-minded organizations, companies and people who believe that social entrepreneurship in Latvia has a huge potential and are also ready to participate in the creation and strengthening of this industry. Read more about social entrepreneurship -

OWA products are produced in a specialized workshop in Riga. It employs people with disabilities. Every OWA product is 100% handmade. 

European Social Fund project

"Support for social entrepreneurship"

The aim of the project is:
Determine and test optimal solutions for the creation and development of social enterprises, including the support of work integration in social enterprises, in order to increase the employment opportunities for disadvantaged unemployed persons, persons with disabilities and persons with mental disorders.